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Introducing the bragi software suite for truly smart audio products

Our modular Software Suite with embedded AI enables brands and manufacturers to create truly smart audio products efficiently.

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Introducing the Bragi Software Suite


Frictionless Experiences

With the Bragi Software Suite you can easily equip your bluetooth audio products with advanced natural user interfaces and provide frictionless experiences to your end-users.

Voice Control

Wake your device with a keyword and control it easily via embedded voice commands – no internet necessary.

Head Gesture UI

Shake your head to skip a track or take a call simply by nodding. All hands-free.

Smart Audio

Your device understands your context and automatically adjusts Audio Transparency or volume for you, no interaction needed.


The headphones of tomorrow have apps. We enrich your product with the service experiences your users love.


Push to Talk

Talk with your best friend or all of your co-workers at once. Walkie talkie redefined.

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Amazon Alexa

Ask Alexa to play music, read the news, control smart home devices and more.

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and more

Interested in a special service integration? Get in touch and we will make it happen.

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Built-in Evolution

Firmware-Over-The-Air Updates

Quickly release new features or service integrations and stay ahead of the curve.

White Label App & Mobile SDK

Use our White Label Mobile App and SDK to connect with your end-users effortlessly.


Lower the pressure on your product life cycle and always be where the market goes.


Enhance your Products and your Business

Everything in our modular all-in-one Software Suite is designed to make your product offering unique while enabling your business to be faster and more efficient.

Differentiate with groundbreaking features and customize your audio products to be unique.

Be Unique

Cut your product development time with our turn-key solutions and decrease your time to market.

Be Faster

Benefit from the largest patent portfolio in the hearable space and our strong ecosystem of solutions partners.

Be Safe

Increase your revenue, decrease your COGS and lower the pressure on your product life cycle.

Be Efficient
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An Ecosystem of Enablers

Our ecosystem of leading Technology and Solutions partners gives brands, OEMs and service providers access to everything they need to bring smarter audio products to market faster.

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‘’[...] we are excited about the use cases our two companies can enable when combining high accurate real-time positioning and contextual intelligence.’’


CEO and co-founder at Quuppa

‘’Together with Bragi we will dramatically change the functionalities and capabilities of hearable’s and audio products and deliver completed products to our customers’’


CEO at Asia Universal Technology

asia universal technology
Bosch Bragi partner
Quuppa Bragi partner
asia universal technology AUT - Bragi partner
Alexa Voice Service (AVS) Solution Provider qualified by Amazon - Bragi partner
Mediatek Bragi Partner
Cypress Bragi Partner
Zello App Bragi partner

Work with the Inventors of the Hearable

Our vision is to enable people to do better.

In 2014, we created the world's first hearable "The Dash" and pioneered the transformation of audio consumer electronics. Since then, we strive to make interaction with technology more natural, unobtrusive and frictionless using the power of AI. Today we want to give this power to you.

Bragi - Award-winning company
Digital Top 50 awards winner Bragi
ai world winner
CES innovation awards 2015
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if Design award winner 2017
if gold award winner 2017
Wareable Tech Awards 2017 winner black

Enable people to do better.

"Bragi was the first to break into the space of wearable in-ear technology, creating something that had never existed before"

— ThriveWearables


Let's bring your audio products to life together!

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